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The Wildflowers "ex The Donies & Snake Of Eden" - The Triplets Demo

| Sweden | Sleaze - Glam Rock | 56mb | 256kbps |
The Wildflowers (featuring, Izzy, Rock & Kelli Swede, Hollywood’s infamous triplets) were playing a show/private party down at Cascade Studios on Santa Monica Blvd in Hollywood. It had been quite a while since I’d seen The Wildflowers play, and I had been hearing quite a buzz around town about how this band was really starting to shape up into an exciting band, so I headed down there to see for myself what all the buzz was about. Upon arriving, I was immediately greeted by one of the triplets ( I believe it was Kelli, but without a name tag, one has to wonder who is who, lol ) I headed into the studios and I was quickly captivated by the atmosphere, it was strange and cool all at the same time. The scene reminded me of my high school days ( I hope I’m not dating myself here) when I used to host parties in my parents garage, and all my friends would sneak in alcohol and gather around to watch my band play. The Wildflowers took the stage at around 10:30 pm and to say that I was surprised is an understatement. I was very impressed with what I was hearing; they sounded great and by no means were they even close to the band that I remember seeing when they started playing last summer. The band ripped through a short set of about 5 songs starting off with the very punky influenced tune and continued to deliver the rest of their set with great rock n roll attitude. If you think that glam, glitter rock is dead; you have obviously been hiding under a rock as The Wildflowers seems determined to prove you are dead wrong!


01 Snake Of Eden - Hollywood Blues Of Rock'n'Roll V1
02 Snake Of Eden - Back To Life
03 Snake Of Eden - The Darkside
04 The Donies - Cadillac
05 The Wildflowers - Hollywood Blues Rock'n'Roll V2
06 The Wildflowers - Break My Heart
07 The Wildflowers - Pill Thriller
08 The Wildflowers - Back in The Trap
09 The Wildflowers - I'm A Wildflower


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Anonymous said...


The link of the "Triplets Demo" is damaged, can't download it.

Could someone upload this file again please?

I'm really curious! Sounds awesome!

Gr. J

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