We Love 80's

XYZ - Hungry (1991) Remastere 1999

Terry Ilous - (vocals)
Marc Diglio - (guitar)
Patt Fontaine - (bass)
Paul Monroe - (drums)


01 - Face Down In The Guter
02 - Don't Say No
03 - Fire And Water
04 - When The Night Comes Down
05 - Off the Sun
06 - Feels Good
07 - Shake Down The Walls
08 - When I Find Love
09 - H.H. Boogie
10 - Sun Also Rises In Hell
11 - Roll Of The Dice
12 - Whiskey On A Heartache
13 - Two Wrongs Can Make A Right *

(Depositfiles 142Mb)Remaster 1999

Crashdiet - The Savage Playground (2013)

Simon Cruz (Vocals) 
Martin Sweet (Guitars)
Peter London (Bass)
Eric Young (Drums)


1. Change The World
2. Cocaine Cowboys
3. Anarchy
4. California
5. Lickin' Dog
6. Circus
7. Sin City
8. Got A Reason
9. Drinkin Without You
10. Snakes In Paradise
11. Damaged Kid
12. Excited
13. Garden Of Babylon
14. Liquid Jesus (bonus track)

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Lion - Dangerous Attraction (1987)

USA - Hair Metal / Hard Rock  
Kal Swan (Vocals) 
Doug Aldrich (Guitars)
Jerry Best (Bass) 
Mark Edwards (Drums)


01.Fatal Attraction
02.Armed and Dangerous
03.Hard and Heavy
04.Never Surrender
05.Death on Legs
07.In the Name of Love
08.After the Fire
09.Shout it Out

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Asphalt Ballet - Asphalt Ballet (1991)

USA - Sleaze / Hard Rock  
Gary Jeffries (vocals)
Julius Ulrich (guitars)
Danny Clarke (guitars)
Terry Phillips (bass)
Mikki Kiner (drums)


01. Hell's Kitchen
02. Soul Survive
03. Tuesday's Rain
04. Unlucky Mr. Lucky
05. End Of My Rope
06. Heaven Winds Blow
07. Blood On The Highway
08. Goodbye Yesterday
09. Wasted Time
10. Taking A Walk
11. Hangman Swing
12. Blue Movie
13. Do It All Over Again

(General.file 69Mb)

Vice - Made For Pleasure (1988)

Hair Metal / Hard Rock from German 
Jan Ghiantinic /vocals, Christian Limburg /guitar, Jorg Hargeschmier /guitar, Peter Juhve /bass, Fritz Randow /drums


1. Feel My Body
2. Last Day of War
3. Red Light Night
4. Trouble in Paradise
5. Bad Girl
6. Made for Pleasure
7. Running
8. Rocking All Over The World
9. Hot Summer Night Party
10. Boys Got The Fever
11. Sally

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Fleury - Fleury (1986)


01. The Main Attraction
02. Hot & Sticky
03. Here's Lookin' at You
04. Rollin' in the Money
05. Pacific Dreams
06. Ordinary Day
07. Where's Johnny Now
08. Powerglide
09. Need Your Love

(Rusfolder 57Mb)

Steel Panther - Glam N Sleaze Demo Compilation

by yZZi 


02*Cleveland Roxx
03*Runaway (Live)
04*I Want To Fuck You
05*Love Rocket
06*Heavy Metal Rules
07*Satchel's Solo
08*Death To All But Metal V.1
09*Death To All But Metal (Radio Edit)
10*Community Property (Radio Edit)
12*I Want Pussy
13*I Want Your Tits
14*Don't Stop Believin'
15*Sexy Santa

(Mediafire 120mb)

Reckless Yout - Invisible Robot Fish (1993)

Canadian Sleaze / Glam Metal 


1 Beg, Borrow & Steal

2 Any Little Girl's Wish

3 One More Night Alone

 4 No Way

5 When It's Over

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