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Cruella D'Ville - Face The Future (1992)

| USA | Hair Metal/AOR | 79mb | 320kbps |
Valentine was formed in 1986 in Tampa Florida with Rick Bales on Vocals and Guitar , Jon Bales on Guitar , Rick Howard on Drums and Marc Togie on Keyboards. Frankie Baker joined soon after on Bass.
In 1987 Valentine met up with Keith Kollins, the bass player from Savatage. He produced a 4 song EP at American Music Works Studios in St Petersburg Florida. The EP featured "Room without a View", "Lace and Leather", "Lover's Hell", and "Your Eyes" At the time of this recording, a signed band called Valentine was recording and touring. Valentine changed their name to Cruella D'ville at this time to avoid confusion with the other Valentine. The EP was completed in 1988.
  • Rick Bales - Vocals and Guitar
  • Rick Howard - Drums
  • Bruce Hunt - Lead Guitar
  • Ray Caron - Bass Guitar


01 - Face The Future
02 - Engines Burning
03 - Can't Go On This Way
04 - Stealin'
05 - Change
06 - Can't Take It
07 - Power Of Passion
08 - Say Goodbye
09 - Runnin'
10 - Momma
11 - Lord Have Mercy


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