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RATT - Infestation (Special Edition 2010)

| USA | Hard Rock | 111mb | 320kbps |
Infestation is the seventh studio album by American glam metal band Ratt. It is the band's first original effort since their self-titled album in 1999. It marks the Ratt studio debut for guitarist Carlos Cavazo, formerly of Quiet Riot.
  • Stephen Pearcy - Lead vocals
  • Warren DeMartini - Guitar
  • Carlos Cavazo - Guitar
  • Robbie Crane - Bass
  • Bobby Blotzer - Drums


01 "Eat Me Up Alive"
02 "Best Of Me"
03 "A Little Too Much"
04 "Look Out Below"
05 "Last Call"
06 "Lost Weekend"
07 "As Good As It Gets"
08 "Garden Of Eden"
09 "Take A Big Bite"
10 "Take Me Home"
11 "Don't Let Go"
12 "Scatter"
13 "You Think You're Tough(Live)"
14 - "Tell the World(Live)"
15 - "Way Cool Jr. (Live)"


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Anonymous said...

RATT is a very very strong band, this album spetacular, front more or less, a pretty woman is very cool like old cover

Anonymous said...

Great comeback!!

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