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Dokken - Breaking The Chanis (Original Version 1982)

**By yZZi | USA | Class Metal | 78mb | 320kbps |
Breaking the Chains is the debut studio album by heavy metal band Dokken, released in 1983. Dokken released their first full-length album in 1983 although the group had been active since the late 1970s. The album reached number 136 on the Billboard 200. The title track was named the 62nd greatest hard rock song by VH1.


1. "Breaking' the Chains"
2. "Seven Thunders"
3. "I Can't See You"
4. "In The Middle"
5. "We're Illegal"
6. "Paris Is Burning (studio)"
7. "Stick To Your Guns"
8. "Young Girls"
9. "Felony"
10. "Nightrider"


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