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Steeler (USA) - Metal Generation: The Steeler Anthology (2005)

| USA | Heavy Glam Metal | 58mb
Metal Generation: The Steeler Anthology was released by majestic rock records in 2005 as a compilation album of the US heavy metal band Steeler. The album was co-produced by a former band member, Ron Keel, as he believed there was a public desire for such an album (as he wrote on the album inserts). In the album unreleased, live and single songs were added with a few of the songs of the bands only album Steeler.

1. "Cold Day in Hell" **
2. "Take Her Down" **
3. "Ready to Explode" *
4. "Hot on Your Heels" **
5. "On the Rox" (Live)
6. "Backseat Driver" (Live)
7. "Victim of the City (Live)*
8. "Yngwie is God" (Live)
9. Band Introduction (Live)
10. "Excited" (Live)*
11. "Dying in Love" *
12. "Last chance to Rock" *
13. "Serenade" (2005 acoustic by Ron Keel)

* Previously unreleased
** Original version


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delnine said...

Muito bom poder ouvir o sr. yngwie malmsteen dividindo composições em uma banda acho que deveria correndo voltar a fazer isso...

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