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Steelwing - Lord of the Wasteland (2010)

| Sweden | NWOTHM | 77mb | 320kbps |
Formed in 2009, Sweden's STEELWING is a band of fiercely talented young musicians armed with a reckless disrespect for the physiological consequences of extended headbanging. Hard-hitting, quality Heavy Metal is STEELWING's uncompromising claim to fame.
As winners of the Rock the Nation Award 2009, STEELWING beat 1200 bands through support from the "true metal" underground and secured a worldwide record deal with the world's biggest metal label, Nuclear Blast Records.
  • Riley - Vocals
  • Robby Rockbag - Guitars
  • Alex - Guitars
  • Skürk - Bass
  • Oskar - Drums


1 Enter the Wasteland
2 Headhunter
3 Roadkill (…Or Be Killed)
4 Sentinel Hill
5 The Illusion
6 The Nightwatcher
7 Under the Scavenger Sun
8 Point of Singularity
9 Clash of the Two Tribes


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