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Glorious Bankrobbers - Dynamite Sex Doze (1989)

| Sweden | Glam Rock | 60mb | 192kbps |
Dynamite Sex Doze is the second studio album by Swedish Glam rock band Glorious Bankrobbers, released in 1989 by Planet Records.
  • Olle Hillborg - lead vocals, harmonica
  • Mick Jannson - lead guitar, vocals
  • Lake - bass guitar, vocals
  • Oden - drums, vocals
  • Jonas Peterson - lead guitar, vocals


1. Crazy Sioux
2. Spitfire
3. Dynamite Sex Doze
4. Young Alcoholic
5. End of Dawn
6. Love to Come
7. Hair Down
8. Good 'N' Bad
9. I'm Eithteen
10. Highway Raceway
11. Small Operations


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MALSAN said...

this fn rock

MALSAN said...

LOVE this

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Anonymous said...

oh my god !!!!!!!!!!

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