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Salty Dog - Every Dog Has Its day (1990)

| USA | Sleaze | 106mb | 320kbps |
Every Dog Has Its day is The first and only studio album by american Sleaze Metal band Salty Dog, released in 1990 by Geffen Records.
  • Jimmi Bleacher - vocals, guitar and harmonica
  • Pete Reeven - guitar, banjo and background vocals
  • Michael Hannon - bass and background vocals
  • Khurt Maier - drums and percussion


01. Come Along
02. Cat's Got Nine
03. Ring My Bell
04. Where The Sun Don't Shine
05. Spoonful
06. Just Like A Woman
07. Sim Sala Bim
08. Keep Me Down
09. Heave Hard (She Comes Easy)
10. Lonesome Fool
11. Slow Daze
12. Sacrifice Me
13. Nuthin' But A Dream


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