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Badlands - Duks (1999)

| USA | Hard Rock | 94mb | 320kbps |
Dusk is Badlands's third and final album. It was originally recorded in 1992-1993 as a demo to submit to their label.
The demo tracks to Dusk were released posthumously on December 15, 1998.
*All tracks by Ray Gillen & Jake E. Lee except were noted


1. "Healer"
2. "Sun Red Sun"
3. "Tribal Moon"
4. "The River" (Greg Chaisson, Gillen, Lee)
5. "Walking Attitude"
6. "The Fire Lasts Forever"
7. "Dog"
8. "Fat Cat"
9. "Lord Knows"
10. "Ride the Jack"

Badlands - Duks (1999)

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