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Crashdïet - Breakin' The Chainz Single (2005)

| Sweden | Sleaze Glam | 10mb | 192kbps |
"Breakin' The Chainz" is a 2005 single by Swedish Glam/Sleaze Metal band Crashdïet. This was the third single for the band and appears on their 2005 debut album, Rest in Sleaze. A music video was shot for the song. It is one of their most famous songs, and during their concerts they usually play it last. The B-side, Tomorrow, is a demo and was only featured on the Japanese version of Rest In Sleaze. The song debuted at #47 on the Swedish singles chart.
01 - Breaking The Chainz
02 - Tomorrow

Crashdïet - Breakin' The Chainz Single (2005)

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