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Raquel - Raquel (1989)

| USA | Glam Metal | 99mb | 320kbps |
Raquel was a band on the Sunset Strip in the early 90's. They had a song that was in an MTV commercial called "Pop Goes The Music." But because of the grunge explosion in the early 90's Raquel was never given a chance until when this album was released on Metal Mayhem Records
  • Ron English - lead vocals
  • Kevin McDonald - guitars and vocals
  • Eric Gadrix - guitars and vocals
  • Billy Covert - bass
  • Sean McDonald - drums
Reissued on Metal Mayhem Records in 2001.
Sounds very much like Poison, Trixter, and Tuff.


1. Pop Goes the Music
2. Love Don't Go
3. Dark City
4. Everywhere I Go
5. Angel
6. Darlin
7. Kiss Her Goodbye
8. Take Me Down
9. J.G.W.

Raquel - Raquel (1989)

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