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Bai Bang - Are You Rady (2009)

| Sweden | Glam Metal | 67mb | 320kbps |
Its been long time cumin' for Bai Bang who released their last album way back in 2000. The band have been around for over twenty years now, and in that time released one of the catchiest rock songs ever..."X-Ray Specs". The question now is, can Bai Bang capture the magic of that incredible track and do it all over again? Judging by Are You Ready, the band is back with their strongest set of songs to date.
  • Diddi Kastenholt - vocals
  • Pelle Eliaz - lead guitar
  • Joacim Sandin - bass
  • Jonas Langebro - drums


01. I Love The Things You Hate
02. Born To Rock
03. Party Queen
04. Are You Ready I'm Ready
05. Only The Best Die Young
06. We Come Alive
07. Longtime Cumin
08. Bad Boys
09. All The Little Things
10. Bigtime Party


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