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Wildstreet - Wildstreet (2009)

| USA | Sleaze Glam | 76mb | 320kbps |
‘Teased-up, and ‘sleazed up’ WILDSTREET is loud, flamboyant and full of attitude. Armed with big choruses, blazing guitar solos, and powerful melodies, WILDSTREET is a sex-fueled rock n’ roll explosion beckoning the glory days of '80s arena rock. With their debut EP in tow and fans lining up worldwide, WILDSTREET is what today's stale music scene needs... a hard rock kick in the ass!!
  • Eric Jayk - Lead Vocals , Guitar
  • Jimmie Marlowe - Guitar
  • Keith Robert - Lead Guitar
  • Ali Hassan - Bass
  • Beck - Drums


01 Wanna Get It On
02 Hard On You
03 For So Long
04 Soldier Of Love
05 Midnight Gypsy
06 Open Up Your Eyes
07 The Fist Of Fury
08 All The Young Dudes
09 Soldier Of Love (Acoustic)


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