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Foxey - Toys For Boys [Promo] + Live at Morronrock (2006)

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FØXEY is the greatest band since the rock 'n' roll glory days of the 70s and 80s.
Foxey has won several competitions and performed on all the great clubs around Stockholm as well as played live on the biggest rock 'n' roll radio station in Sweden, 106,7 Rockklassiker. There they won a recording session in one of Sweden’s most famous recording studios, Studio 301, where bands like ABBA and Europe have recorded some of their greatest albums[More...]
  • Zymon "Simme" Xaint aka Simon Cruz - Vocals (Jailbait>Crashdiet)
  • Michelle "Saint" Xaint -Guitar (Jailbait)
  • Joey Fox - Bass (Dnazty)
  • George Härnsten Egg - Drums (Dynazty)

01. Toys For Boys (Demo)

Live At Morronrock:
01. Wildcat Woman
02. Cream

+ Foxey Photo Album

Foxey - Toys For Boys [Promo] + Live at Morronrock (2006)

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