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Metal Shop "Steel Panther" - Hole Patrol (2003)

| USA | Heavy Glam | 27mb | 192kbps |
Hole Patrol is the debut album by American glam metal band Steel Panther. The album was first released in 2003 under the band name Metal Shop then subsequently reissued in 2005 under the band name Metal Skool, upon which the final track was replaced. The original version closes with a self-referential eponymous 'theme' song for the band but due to the change in band name the track was replaced by a cover of Ian Hunter's 'Cleveland Rocks' thematically retitled 'Cleveland Roxx'. Three of the tracks are spoken-word comedy skits that act as song introductions. The cover of the album shows clear resemblance to the cover of Look What the Cat Dragged In by Poison.


1. "Satan's Intro"
2. "Big Boobs"
3. "Is It Hot in Here"
4. "Hell's on Fire"
5. "Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)"
6. "Michael Falls in Love"
7. "Stripper Girl"
8. "Ginger Pusses Out"
9. "Metal Shop" (2003 Original Track)
10. "Cleveland Roxx" (2005 Replacement Track)


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