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Guns N' Roses - Practice For Destruction (1987-1992)

| USA | Sleaze | 192kbps | 80mb |
Here we have Guns ‘N Roses live in the studio in 1987 doing demos for the album Appetite For Destruction, which would come out later that year. Excellent sound and awesome live in the studio versions of these tunes. The last four tracks are G’N’R playing live to a small crowd practicing for their upcoming tour. This is just a great sounding boot all the way around.
Registered in 1987, Released in 1992 by Metal Memory.

01 Heartbreak Hotel (Studio)
02 Shadow of Your Love (Studio)
03 Welcome To the Jungle (Studio)
04 Move To the City (Studio)
05 Mama Kin (Studio)
06 Jumping Jack Flash (Studio)
07 You’re Crazy (Studio)
08 Reckless Life (Studio)
09 Mama Kin (Studio)
10 Heartbreak Hotel (Studio)
11 Perfect Crime (Studio)
12 Jumping Jack Flash (Live 1987)
13 It’s So Easy (Live 1987)
14 Knocking On Heavens Door (Live 1987)
15 Whole Lotta Rosie (Live 1987)


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