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X-Piracy - Dog City Limits (2010)

| USA | Sleaze | 87mb | 192kbps |
Dog City Limits is a compilation album by American Sleaze Glam band X-Piracy, released in 2010 by Suncity Records.
  • Shane Thornton - lead vocals, harmonica
  • Robb de Crabaugh - guitar, backing vocals
  • Tony Antone - guitar, backing vocals
  • Danny Jack - bass, backing vocals
  • Kevin Stacey - drums, backing vocals

01. Dodge City Limits
02. On A Good Night
03. Growin' Up In the City
04. Black Betty
05. A Gal And A Six Ft. Rope
06. Carry A Gun
07. Cool Walk In the Sand
08. One On One In the Other
09. Sliver Of Light
10. Too Bluesy For Yousey
11. Gramma Hike
12. Friend In You
13. Very Sincerely Baby I Love You
14. Ever Lovin' River
15. Under the Sun
16. Where I Was


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Martín said...

Man, What a Fuckin' Great Blog!!! Keep goin' thay way!!!

Stay Rockin' Forever!!!!

Greetings from Argentina!!!

IZZY said...

thanks dud! rock fuckin' roll!!

MALSAN said...

i want it !!!!!!!!!!!

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