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Tuff Luck - How I See The World (1993)

| USA | Glam Hardrock | 76mb | 192kbps |
Second studio album by american Hair Glam band Tuff Luck!


1. Give Me A Reason
2. Everyone's Talkin'
3. Darker Side Of Love
4. She Don't Know
5. The Shape I'm In
6. Jane
7. My Private Hell
8. How I See The World
9. Everytime I Call
10. So In Love
11. Follow Me
12. Lonely People
13. When You're Gone
14. Full Of Shit
15. Down Down Down

Tuff Luck - How I See The World (1993)

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Anonymous said...

Great CD

Anonymous said...

love it

Anonymous said...

This is a really great cd. The song "private hell" is amazing. Too bad they didn't get signed -

Anonymous said...

Love it

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