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Nasty Tendency - Wild And Nasty (2009)

| Italy | Glam Rock | 69mb | 320kbps |
Wild and Nasty is the first studio album by Italian Heavy Glamrock band Nasty Tendency, releaded in 2010 by MyGraveyard Productions. (I miss my mate Lyon!)
  • Nikki Nails - Vocals
  • Luke Nasty Kidd - Lead Chitarra
  • Mavry Lyon - Bass
  • Johnny Curly - Drums


01 Better Mad Than Dead
02 Into the Fire
03 Sweet Baby Runnin' Wild
04 Hunter of Vampires
05 Devils on the Streets
06 Spiders
07 Fight to Survive
08 Like a Nightmare
09 I Don't Care
10 Sleazin' in the City
11 When Heaven Comes Down (Grim Reaper Cover)
12 Desire

Nasty Tendency - Wild And Nasty (2009)

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