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Tyrant - Legions Of The Dead (1985)

| USA | Heavy Glam Metal | 41mb | 128kbps |
Legions Of The Dead is the second studio album by American Heavy Metal and Glam Metal band Tyrant, released in 1985 by Metal Blade Records.
  • Glen May - vocals
  • Rocky Rockwell - guitars
  • Greg May - bass guitar
  • Rob Roy - drums


01 Metal Warriors
02 Into the Hands of Evil
03 The Battle of Armaggedon
04 Legions of the Dead
05 Tyrant's Revelation
06 Listen to the Preacher
07 Knight of Darkness
08 Thru the Night
09 Sacrifice
10 Time Is Running Low

Tyrant - Legions Of The Dead (1985)

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Anonymous said...

TYRANT was the most heavy and powerful power metal bands to come out of Southern California in the history of American metal. These guys where not glam. They may have been gothic/doom... I guess the make up means to some that they were glam... but they did not sing about glam topics or sound in any way glam... they sounded like a cross between Judas Priest and Venom, with a foundation of Black Sabbath. Truly one of the greatest bands to come from California.. Metal Blade records killed this band by not promoting them once having them under contract. They are still kicking ass today, but not like in the 80's.

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