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Trixter - Trixter (1990)

| USA | Glam Metal | 105mb | 320kbps |
Trixter is the self-titled debut album of the band Trixter. It attained gold status, reaching #28 on the Billboard 200. The album did spawn three minor hit singles, "Give It to Me Good" (#65), "Surrender" (#72), and "One in a Million" (#75).
  • Peter "Pete" Loran – lead vocals
  • Steve Brown – lead guitar, harmonica, backing vocals
  • P. J. Farley – bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Mark "Gus" Scott – drums, percussion, backing vocals

Track List :

1. Line Of Fire
2. Heart Of Steel
3. One In A Million
4. Surrender
5. Give It To Me Good
6. Only Young Once
7. Bad Girl
8. Always A Victim
9. Play Rough
10. You'll Never See Me Cryin'
11. Ride The Whip
12. On And On

Trixter - Trixter (1990)

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