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Blue Tears - Blue Tears (1990)

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Blue Tears is the debut album of the band of the same name. The album was released in 1990 by MCA Records.
The album features a sound similar to the hair bands of the 80s, like Bon Jovi and the likes. It spawned several singles and videos like "Innocent Kiss" and "Rockin' with the Radio".
However, due to the new wave of alternative and grunge music, the band was quickly swept under the rug.
  • Gregg Fulkerson - vocals, guitar
  • Charlie Lauderdale - drums
  • Bryan Hall - guitar, vocals
  • Michael Spears - bass


1. "Rockin' With the Radio"
2. "Crush"
3. "Blue Tears"
4. "Take This Heart"
5. "Halfway to Heaven"
6. "Innocent Kiss"
7. "Racing With the Moon"
8. "Kiss Me Goodbye"
9. "True Romance"
10. "Thunder in the Night"


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