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Tigertailz - Young And Crazy (1987)

| Walles | Glam Metal | 77mb | 320kbps |
Young and Crazy is a 1987 album by Tigertailz, with artwork by the bands bassist Pepsi Tate. It has a heavier sound than its successor, with less elements of pop metal. The album was released in America on Combat records. The compact disc is now considered a collector's item, and is much sought after by Tigertailz fans. The CD was re-released in the US on May 27, 2008 on independent label Krescendo.


1. "Star Attraction"
2. "Hollywood Killer"
3. "Ballerina"
4. "Livin' Without You"
5. "Shameless"
6. "City Kidz"
7. "Shoot To Kill"
8. "Turn Me On"
9. "She'z Too Hot"
10. "Young And Crazy"
11. "Fall In Love Again"


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