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Brighton Rock - Take a Deep Breath (1988)

| Canada | Glam Metal | 98mb | 320kbps |
Take a Deep Breath is the second full length album by Canadian glam metal band, Brighton Rock. The album was released in 1988. Take a Deep Breath is Brighton Rock's most commercially successful album, peaking at #22 on the Canadian album chart. The album was also certified Gold by the CRIA.
  • Gerry McGhee – Vocals
  • Greg Fraser – Guitar
  • Steve Skreebs - Bass guitar
  • Johnny Rogers - Keyboards
  • Mark Cavarzan - Drums


1. "Can't Stop the Earth from Shaking"
2. "Outlaw"
3. "Hangin' High 'n' Dry"
4. "One More Try"
5. "Ride the Rainbow"
6. "Rebels With a Cause"
7. "Power Overload"
8. "Who's Foolin' Who"
9. "Love Slips Away"
10. "Shootin' for Love"
11. "Unleash the Rage"


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