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Dokken - Back For The Attack (1987)

| USA | Class Metal | 142mb | 320kbps |
Back for the Attack is the fourth studio album by heavy metal band Dokken. It was released in 1987.
The album includes a remixed re-release of the song "Dream Warriors". The song was first released earlier in 1987 as the theme song for the movie A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. The two other singles on the album were "Heaven Sent" and "Burning Like a Flame", the latter reaching #79 on the Billboard Hot 100. There's also a George Lynch instrumental, "Mr. Scary".


1. "Kiss of Death"
2. "Prisoner"
3. "Night by Night"
4. "Standing in the Shadows"
5. "Heaven Sent"
6. "Mr. Scary"
7. "So Many Tears"
8. "Burning Like a Flame"
9. "Lost Behind the Wall"
10. "Stop Fighting Love"
11. "Cry of the Gypsy"
12. "Sleepless Night"
13. "Dream Warriors"


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