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Hanoi Rocks - Street Poetry (2007)

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Street Poetry is the Finnish rock band Hanoi Rocks' seventh album. The album reached the top 10 on the Finnish charts, and succeeded very well elsewhere in Europe too. The first single spawned was "Fashion", and the second was an internet-only single "This One's For Rock'n'Roll". The albums release was celebrated at the Tavastia Club with three live shows, which were followed by a tour across Scandinavia, England and Japan.


1. "Hypermobile"
2. "Street Poetry"
3. "Fashion"
4. "Highwired"
5. "Power of Persuasion"
6. "Teenage Revolution"
7. "Worth Your Weight in Gold"
8. "Transcendental Groove"
9. "This One's For Rock'n'Roll"
10. "Powertrip"
11. "Walkin' Away"
12. "Tootin' Star"
13. "Fumblefoot and Busy Bee"


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