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Icon - Night Of The Crime (1985)

| USA | Glam Hard Rock | 94mb | 320kbps |
The Night Of The Crime was the second debut album by the Hard rock & Glam metal band Icon. It was far more polished then their self-titled debut and forayed into areas of Glam only previously alluded to on their debut. It was produced and engineered by legendary producer, Eddie Kramer
  • Stephen Clifford - Vocals
  • Dan Wexler - Guitars
  • Tracy Wallach - Bass, Vocals
  • John Aquillino - Guitars
  • Pat Dixon - Drums


01 Naked Eyes
02 Missing
03 Danger Calling
04 (Take Another) Shot at My Heart
05 Out for Blood
06 Raise the Hammer
07 Frozen Tears
08 Whites of Their Eyes
09 Hungry for Love
10 Rock My Radio

Icon - Night Of The Crime (1985)

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