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Icon - Right Between The Eyes (1989)

| USA | Heavy Glam | 106mb | 320kbps |
Right Between the Eyes is the fourth studio album by American Glam Hardrock band ICON, was released in 1989 on Atlantic/Megaforce
  • Jerry Harrison - vocals
  • Dan Wexler - guitar
  • Drew Bollman - guitar
  • Tracy Wallach - bass and background vocals
  • Pat Dixon - drums


01. Right Between The Eyes
02. Two For The Road
03. Taking My Breath Away
04. A Far Cry
05. In Your Eyes
06. Holy Mans War
07. Bad Times
08. Double Life
09. Forever Young
10. Running Under Fire
11. Peace And Love

Icon - Right Between The Eyes (1989)

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Anonymous said...

Guest Alice Cooper sings on 2 songs.
Two For The Road and Holy Mans War.
Holy Mans War is more of a narration style.
- Jez

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