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Slam Alley - 21 Fire (2009)

| USA | Sleaze Glam Metal | 50mb | 320kbps |
Slam Alley had two things going against them when they stumbled upon the hard rock scene. The first was hellaciously bad timing, and the second was that they sounded identical to Skid Row (not such a bad thing)!
  • Christian Dorris - lead vocals
  • D.K. Revelle - guitar and vocals
  • Ray Camacho - guitar and vocals
  • C.J. LaCross - bass and vocals


01. Dogz Go Downtown
02. 21 Fire
03. Punk Polluted Zoo
04. Cry For Freedom
05. For Heaven Sake

Slam Alley - 21 Fire (2009)

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Anonymous said...

This band Rocks!

Anonymous said...

Kick Ass Band !!!

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