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Wanted - Too Hot To Handle (2009)

| USA | Sleaze-Hair Metal | 37mb | 192kbps |
Rockers kicked some serious ass back in the late 80's early 90's. Eonion records will soon be releasing a complete cd. But for now here is 9 Smokin' Demos.
Wanted exploded onto the Indianapolis metal scene in 1989 with adouble-fisted barrel of hard rockin’ dynamite that sizzled with memorable hooks and fiery in-your-face vocals. Loyal fans rallied to their ripping, raging, raucous rock ‘n’ roll romp and the band soon became a Midwest favorite. They merged powerhouse drumming, thundering bass, and a terrific twin guitar attack into a metal force to be reckoned with.
  • Bobby Sisk - Lead Vocals
  • Eric 'Cruise' Saylors - Lead & Rhythm Guitars
  • Tadd Wilson - Lead & Rhythm Guitars
  • Erikk D. Lee - Bass Guitar
  • Scott Cole - Drums


01 - Another Day
02 - Blue Jean Baby
03 - Mr. Right
04 - Whiskey And Women
05 - Too Hot To Handle
06 - Be Still My Heart
07 - Lost In Me Forever
08 - Dont Play With My Head

Wanted - Too Hot To Handle (2009)

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