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Anatomic (USA) - In For The Thrill + Bonus Demo (2000)

1. Until You're Gone
2. Drift Away
3. Deep End
4. Out of My Heart
5. Make It Real
6. Goodbye Today
7. Livin' a Lie
8. Hate to Say Goodbye
9. The Price
10. Power of the Heart
11. Make It Real (Acoustic)
b1 - Let It Shine (Demo 2003)
b2 - Maybe Someday (Demo 2003)
b3 - Shadows (Demo 2003)

Released: 2000
Label: Suspect Records
b1-b2-b3: are Exclusive UnReleased Demo Tracks

Anatomic (USA) - In For The Thrill + Bonus Demo (2000)

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me gusta :D

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