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Electric Angels - Electric Angels (1990)

| USA | Sleaze | 85mb | 320kbps |
The Electric Angels formed in Los Angeles and played their debut gig on December 31, 1987.
Formed from the ashes of Candy, the Electric Angels managed to bring some class back to the world of hard rock with a sound in the same vein as Hanoi Rocks and the Rolling Stones.
  • Shane - vocals
  • Ryan Roxie - guitar
  • Jonathan Daniel - bass
  • John Schubert - drums


01. I Believe
02. Live In The City
03. Rattlesnake Kisses
04. Head Above Water
05. Dangerous Drug
06. True Love And Other Fairy Tales
07. Last Girl On Earth
08. Home Sweet Homicide
09. Cars Crash
10. All The Money
11. Whiplash
12. The Drinking Song


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