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Hey guys!

Sorry for the absence, I had problems with my PC and I still have them.

Now the forum is free to everyone!..do whatever you want...

meanwhile... Follow us on Facebook!

I wish you all, rock n roll every day and every night!


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Anonymous said...

glad you're back yzzi!

Anonymous said...

Kick Ass Station !!!

Anonymous said...

new here ! Would like to buy or download entire Penny Lane album Anthology 1991 - 1998 ! Ordered it direct from the groups merchandise store got the case and cd ! Every thing looked including the artwork on cd but went to play it and it was blank ! Emailed them telling them about it they said never had that happened before but send it back i pay 1st class and they said they would replace it ! But the one i had was supposed to be the last one ! I emailed them back saying um no thanks lol

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