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Shame 18 - Dead Eyes Are Forever Gone (Demo 2010)

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The story of SHAME 18 starts in the middle of 2007, but it started happening stuff at the beginning of 2009 when Chris, Ricky & Adam reunited after a long break due to all sorts of things. They started writing lots of new songs but had difficulties to find a singer, but after a while Ricky & Adam wanted to test Chris on vocals and that worked perfectly, Chris were now the band’s singer/guitarist, Ricky on drums & Adam on bass. They recorded the demo ”Dead eyes are forever gone” in Staffanstorp March 13-14th 2010 with Martin Sweet and Calle Fäldt as producers. In may, the band found a second guitarist, Simon, and he fits into the band!
  • Chris - lead vocals & guitars
  • Adam - bas & Backing vocals
  • Ricky - drums


01 - Never Sleep Again

02 - Deadly Addiction

03 - The Devil In Me

04 - Die Dear Bride

05 - Shame 18 Video Samples

Shame 18 - Dead Eyes Are Forever Gone (Demo 2010)

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