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Hansel - Never Say Die (2010)

| Australia | Glam Rock | 51mb | 192kbps |
One of the first albums, maybe even the first album, that has been released this year is sleazy hard rock band Hansel's debut album "Never Say Die". In 2009 the Aussies released a stunning 4-track EP filled with 80's stadium influenced hardrock/hair metal songs with touches of glam. The EP was called "Mission To Rock". Listening to "Never Say Die" it turned out the band didn't lie. They really are on a mission to rock! From the start on they fire real rock & roll songs like "Eruption", "Rocket Ship of Love" and "Wild Tonight" at us, innocent listeners. My favourite tracks in this list are "On The Run" and "Vampire". This band is obvious here to party. Titles like "I Don’t Need Saving (All I Need Is Rock ‘N’ Roll)", "Rock City" and "1-800-Pleasuretown" say enough.
After 6 tracks Hansel's gun is out of bullets and needs to be reloaded with "Between A Rock and a Hard Place", a mellow track that starts with a piano and an acoustic guitar. It also has an excellent guitar solo like Slash did in his best Guns & Roses days. This track could have been stolen from the "Use Your Illusion" albums, although it has its own sound. Absolutely my favourite track on the album!
  • Jett Jones – Vocals
  • Grind – Guitars
  • Busta Lacey – Guitars & Keyboards
  • Joey X Kalibre – Bass
  • Thruster Jones – Drums


1. I Don't Need Saving
2. Eruption
3. Rock City
4. On The Run
5. Wild Tonight
6. Rocketship of Love
7. Between a Rock and a Hard Place
8. Vampire
9. Murder 101
10. 1-800 Pleasuretown
11. The Whole Nine Yards


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