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Androids - Let It All Out (1988-2008)

| Finland | Glam-Hair | 53mb | 192kbps |
Let It All Out is The only Studio album by Finnish Glam Rock band Androids, Released in 1988, re-released 2008 by Suncity Record.
Androids was one of the biggest hidden secrets of the late 80's hard rock scene in europe. They had their influences in Van Halen, Aerosmith and Deep Purple. Haunted by a really bad luck from their record company, they never even had a chance to make it abroad. In Finland they had one hit single "Same As You", with a matching video played over and over on national television in 1987-88. The other 'hit' (an acoustic ballad) "When The Sun Turns To Rain" won a national TV-Show called "Levyraati" over Roxette's "Listen To Your Heart"! The album "Let It All Out" was released only in Finland and Spain, due to the financial problems in their record company. Some negotiations were on a possible Japanese version, which never took place in the real world...
  • Scarlette - lead vocals
  • Ade - electric/acoustic guitar
  • Jone - bass guitar/pedals, synthesizers and vocals
  • Alex - keyboards, mini moog and harmonica


01. Let It All Out
02. Hard Lovin' Girl
03. Same As You
04. Crawl
05. Cool And Pretty
06. When The Sun Turns To Rain
07. Quick & Quiet
08. Runnin' Around
09. N.Y.C.
10. Ten Thousand Years


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