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Killer Dwarfs - Method To The Madness (1992)

| Canada | Hair Sleaze-Class Metal | 76mb | 192kbps |
Method To The Madness
is the fifth studio album by the Canadian Heavy metal band Killer Dwarfs. It was released on 1992, by Epic Records.
  • Russ "Dwarf" Graham - vocals
  • Mike "Dwarf" Hall - guitar
  • Bad Ronbo "Dwarf" Mayer - bass
  • Darrell "Dwarf" Millar - drums


01 Hard Luck Town
02 Just As Well
03 Driftin' Back
04 All My Heroes
05 Stranger Than Fiction
06 Four Seasons
07 Method To The Madness
08 Give And Take
09 Look Around
10 G.T.Y. (Goodbye To Yesterday)
11 Cowboys And Conmen
12 Doesn't Matter


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