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Rock Sugar - Reimaginator (2010)

| USA | Hard Rock/Glam | 139mb | 320kbps |
Their debut CD, Reimaginator, takes 34 classic pop and hard rock classics and blends them down into 13 cohesive and infectious pop-metal doses of ear candy. From the opening track,”Don’t Stop the Sandman” listeners are carted away by
  • Jess Harnell - Lead Vocals
  • Chuck Duran - Lead Guitar
  • Alex Track - Drums
  • Johnny Five - Bass


1. Dont Stop the Sandman
2. We Will Kickstart your Rhapsody
3. Crazy Girl
4. Voices in the Jungle
5. Here comes the Fool You Wanted
6. Shock Me like a Prayer
7. Straight to Rock City
8. Prayn for a Sweet Weekend
9. Heaven and Heaven
10. Breakin the Love
11. I Love Sugar on Me
12. Round and Separated
13. Dreaming of a Whole Lotta Breakfast


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