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XX Badboy - Fire In The Hole (1995)

| USA | Sleaze | 86mb | 192kbps |
Fire in The Hole is the first studio album by the American Sleaze band XX Badboy. It was released on 1995, by Suncoast Music Mgmt.
  • Al Coholl - Vocals
  • Brady Bunch - Lead Guitar
  • Tony Scaol - Guitar
  • Randy G - Bass
  • Tommy Roxx - Drums


01 Fire In The Hole
02 Stood Up Again
03 Sticky Situation
04 Stick To Your Guns
05 See Inside My Heart
06 Aint Got Nothin To Do With
07 Bump & Grind
08 Shoot Ya Full Of Love
09 All You Want Is Money
10 Feel This Way
11 Little Loose Lucy
12 Sex Junkie
13 Your Love Is Like A Tattoo
14 Dirty Love


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