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Gynger Lynn - Gynger Lynn (2009)

| USA | Glam Metal | 79mb | 320kpbs |
Gynger Lynn formed in 1989 when bassist Jim Stuppy paid a visit to Dean Pressley, the lead singer and guitarist for Chicago-based band Cheri Lane. Jim and Dean spent the entire afternoon talking about collaborating. Over the course of the same day, Jim would eventually introduce Dean to Will Hair, who in turn called drummer Frank Paul that same evening. The four musicians spent the next two weeks writing and playing in Frank’s basement.
  • Dean Pressley - vocals and guitar
  • Will Hair - lead guitar
  • Jim Stuppy - bass
  • Frank Paul - drums


01. Dirty
02. Reasons Why
03. One And Only
04. My, My Lisa
05. Why Is It Over
06. On My Way
07. Tell The World
08. In My Heart
09. Wanna Be Your Lover
10. I Love The Lights
11. Arms Around You
12. Faces
13. Love


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