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Tigertailz - Wazbones (1995)

| Walles | Glam Metal | 87mb | 320kbps|
Wazbones is a 1995 album by Tigertailz. Originally recorded in 1994, with line-up consisting in Kim Hooker (vocals), Pepsi Tate (bass), Jay Pepper (guitar) and Andy Skinner (drums), replacing Ace Finchum who quit in 1993. They were signed to Amuse America, but the company dropped them. Pepper left, being replaced by Cy Dahnar. The band continued but they changed their name to Wazbones, and re-recorded the original album.


1. "Tyfho"
2. "Dirty needles"
3. "Belly of the beast"
4. "Pigface"
5. "Love junkie"
6. "Make me bleed"
7. "Perish"
8. "Let your flesh instruct your mind"
9. "Love can kill"
10. "In the name of the gun"
11. "Wazbones"
12. "I believe"
13. "Show me"
14. "Tyfho (version #1)"
15. "The final solution"


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