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Jungle Blue - Call Of The Wild (2008)

| USA | Sleaze | 82mb |192kbps |
Call Of The Wild is the debut studio album by American Sleaze band Jungle Blue, released in 2008 by Suncity Records.
Jungle Blue's sound is best described as Melodic Hard Rock with a tinge of pop for good measure with killer song writing and musicianship.
  • Matthew Harris - lead and backing vocals, rhythm and lead guitars
  • Peter Banfield - lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals
  • Raymond Hines - bass, backing vocals
  • Michael Wilson - keyboards, backing vocals
  • Dustin Rhodes - drums, backing vocals


1. Sho Nuff Attitude
2. Its Only Love
3. Hey Baby Baby
4. Don't You Walk Away
5. Let It Fall
6. Until My Feet Are On The Ground
7. Woah No
8. You And I
9. Satisfied
10. Get Down
11. Lazy Afternoon
12. Sunday Moon


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