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Tigertailz - Original Sin (2003)

| Walles | Glam Metal | 78mb | 320kbps |
Before their debut on MFN and their stab at success as one best Glam acts in this side of the pond, TIGERTAILZ recorded an album that was shelved in favor of new material. Now it sees the light of day in the form of Original sin. What an appropriate title. TIGERTAILZ deliver top quality hard rock with a lot of edge. There are party songs like “Shoot to kill” and “Star Attention” but also moodier compositions like “Now you’re on your own”. I find it hard to believe why this album was shelved, it positively rocks!!! Well apart from the 7 songs that came from one session there are 3 additional demos including a great cover of the CHEAP TRICK classic tune ‘I Want You To Want Me’. This is a glamster’s paradise. Plain and simple.
  • Steevi Jaimz - vocals
  • Jay Pepper - guitar
  • Pepsi Tate - bass
  • Ace Finchum - drums
  • Ian Welch - drums
  • Steve Pierce - drums


01. Shoot To Kill
02. Turn Me On
03. Now You're On Your Own
04. Fall In Love Again
05. Young & Crazy
06. Star Attraction
07. Living Without You
08. Take It To The Limit
09. I Want You To Want Me
10. Cat Got Ya Tongue


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