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T.Y.R. (Tonight You Rock) - All Comes Down To You (1987-2008)

| USA | Glam Hair | 52mb | 192kbps |
Retrospect Records digs up another absolute winner from the mid-late 80s. T.Y.R. (Tonight You Rock) hail from California And spent quite a few years made the big-time is beyond me! T.Y.R. were certainly as good as many other major label competitors and yet success eluded them.
All Comes Down To You is the debut album by American Glam Metal band T.Y.R. (Tonight You Rock) released in 1987, and Re-released in 2008 by Retrospect records.
  • Joel Valentine – Vocals
  • Greg Michaels – Guitars
  • Kevin St. James – Drums
  • Dave Hayes – Bass


01 Are You Lonely
02 Lookin Out For Number One
03 Tell Me No Lies
04 City of Angels
05 Too Late Now
06 Fight For Your Right To Rock
07 Running From Love
08 Heartbreak Hotel
09 Without You


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