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Rattler - Incoming (2010)

| USA | Hard n' Heavy | 63mb | 320kbps |
Incoming is the debut album by American Class Hard Rock band Rattler, released in 2010 by Magic Bullet Records.
Band Members; Rick Rattler, Scott Rattler, Mickey "Hollywood" Fanger, Rattlersnake, Frank "The Deuce" WIlliams & Bobby "Coils" Williams.


1. Suck The Venom
2. Getting Awesome
3. Shoot To Kill
4. Drink And Destroy
5. Fully Loaded
6. Nasty Girls
7. Cocaine Migraine
8. Dropping Jager Bombs
9. Blood, Sweat And Beers
10. Time Traveling

Rattler - Incoming (2010)

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