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Angel - In The Beginning (1999)

| USA | AOR | 65mb | 192kbps |
In the Beginning is the sixth studio album, and ninth album in total, by Angel released in 2000 with original vocalists Frank Dimino and original drummer Barry Brandt and featuring guitarists Richard Marcello, Brad Winikor, and bassist Leo Borrero. Original guitarist Punky Meadows and bass player Felix Robinson (played with Angel 1978-1981) makes guest appearances on a few tracks.


01 "The Crow"
02 "The Rain Song"
03 "Hero"
04 "So I'll Say Goodbye"
05 "Long Gone"
06 "In the Wake of the Storm (The Millennium Y2K)"
07 "Set Me Free"
08 "The Greatest Love of All"
09 "Shangra La"
10 "Trapped In Paradise"

Angel - In The Beginning (1999)

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