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Skill In Veins - Skill In Veins (2010)

| Italy | Hardrock | 103mb | 320kbps |
Debut album from Italian Hardrocker band Skill in Veins! real Hard fuckin' rock, and not an italian poser band!
  • Gabriele Gozzi - Lead Vocal
  • Andrea "Andream" Lanza - Guitar
  • Nik Mazzucconi - Bass
  • Francesco Jovino - Drums


1. Can't Ride My Soul
2. Skulls On The Way
3. Youth Times
4. I'm Living My Life
5. Sick Mind
6. You're Doing It Again
7. Just One Drink
8. Don't Need You To Cry
9. The Way Out
10. We Don't Cry
11. We Don't Believe In Fables

Skill In Veins - Skill In Veins (2010)

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Keifer said...

Ottimo album! Molti non riescono ad apprezzarlo come si deve, ma per me è un disco da almeno 80/100. E poi che dire, suonato e prodotto da dio!!!

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