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Dirty Looks - Gasoline (2007)

| USA | Hardrock | 96mb | 320kbps |
Gasoline is an album by American Sleaze Hardrock band Dirty Looks!
Vocals and Guitar: Henrik Ostergaard
Guitar: Paul Lidel, Mike Ohm
Bass: Trevor Huster, Jason McMaster
Drums: Doug Welser, Ron Sutton, Steve McConnell, Bruce Rivers


01. Doesn't Count The Juice
02. 2nd Chance (Didn't Take It)
03. See You In The Morning
04. Through Your Eyes
05. If The World Stopped Spinning
06. Over Me
07. Stick Around
08. Wake The Sky
09. "I Am That I Am"
10. Everythings Gonna Be Alright
11. New White Naked
12. Trick Of The Moon

Dirty Looks - Gasoline (2007)

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