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Nytrix (Can) - Nytrix (1985)

| Canada | Glam Heavy Metal | 23mb | 224kbps |
"Nytrix" is the first and only EP album by Canadian Heavy n' Hair Metal band Nytrix.
  • Klaus Small - Lead Vocals
  • Dave Beno - Guitar
  • Roger Xavier - Guitar
  • Mike Hunt - Bass
  • Al Jervix - Drums


01. Bad Boys Lovin'
02. Don't Believe In Tomorrow
03. No Need For Love
04. Breakin' My Heart

Nytrix (Can) - Nytrix (1985)

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Anonymous said...

Very Cool, My uncles both sang in the band in the 80"s and I am sure they would be very interested to see that people are still checking them out...who would have thought that he is now singing country music??..lol

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